Will I Lose Transplanted hair?

Hair loss is one of the natural functions of the body, and is seen as pretty normal and considered common if it happens between 50 - 100 strands per day, but, in persons who do not take care of their hair, this number could be higher.

Hormonal imbalance, stress, minor blood circulation problems, or genetic problems might cause excessive hair loss.

Many people who experience hair loss, find hair transplant right, as a solution to that. However, there are various questions in the minds of hair transplant candidates. One of those important questions is will I lose transplanted hair? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Will I lose transplanted hair?

In the answers to this question which is on the minds of many who have a hair transplant, it is explained that in the men type baldness, as the hairs between the temple and head are genetically resistant to hair loss, and as they maintain their durability in the advanced age, they are used in the hair transplant operation.

In the explanations made on this subject, it is explained that the hair follicles that are plucked to be transplanted to the balding area have no relation to DHT hormone which causes hair loss and for that reason as long as there are no environmental problems, the patient will not face any hair loss problem.

As the nape area is used as a donor in hair transplant operations, these hair follicles maintain their qualities in the transplanted area.

Yet in some exceptional situations, as there might be thinning in nape hair, the transplanted hair might have similar problems such as thinning or loss. However, this situation does not result in baldness. The said situation manifests itself with age.

How does hair loss happen after transplantation?

The hair in the nape and temple area, as long as there are no other problems, maintains its strength even in the case of genetic hair loss.

During hair transplantation, stem cells are taken from the hairs on nape and temple areas that are resistant to hair loss and transplanted to the hair loss area. For this reason, hair loss does not occur in the areas where hair transplantation has been performed.

Although there might be some shedding in the transplantation area after hair transplantation, this should be regarded as normal. This situation should be considered as a natural result of hair transplantation.

This is a normal procedure related to the short adaptation process after a hair transplant operation. In this process, the scalp tries to shed its old hair and create new and healthy hair. Many patients panic and visit hair transplant centers 1-5 weeks after hair transplant because of this hair loss. This loss is called shock loss.

The amount of hair loss on this stage depends on the hair transplant technique used, the technique of the hair transplant surgeon, method of hair transplant, hair transplant amount, the thickness of the scalp, structure of the hair, etc.

Although it is not possible to lose the newly transplanted hair after the hair transplant operation, hair care should be maintained. To keep the old hair from shedding and to keep new hair healthy, the doctor recommended hair care products should be used. It is necessary to perform the care and applications recommended by the doctor and take care of hair with sensitive care shampoos.

How important is the right care after a hair transplant?

To have the hair you have always wanted it is important to pay attention to some rules after a hair transplant operation.

These are as follows.

-After hair transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet.

After hair transplantation, it is necessary to pay attention to hair care.

- After the hair transplant, the instructions given by the doctor should be followed without neglection.

It is important to nourish the hair to make it healthier and stronger. Since it will increase the rate of cell renewal, it will shorten the healing period. If the correct care is provided and properly nourished to the hair, newly grown hair will be healthier and stronger.

Patience is very important in hair transplantation. It is necessary to wait 1 year to reach the hair goals. The length of this period will depend on the hair transplant doctor and the patient.

To not disturb the transplanted hair follicles; hair gels, hair dyes, hairdryers should not be used and the shampoo type to be used must be determined. In addition, stress and boredom should be avoided.

Important points before and after hair transplant.

It is necessary to pay attention to these before and after hair transplantation.

A good doctor should be chosen for hair transplantation.

-The type of hair loss should be determined correctly.

Since hair loss may continue after hair transplantation, care shampoos and hair care products recommended by the doctor should be used.

-After hair transplantation, the rules specified by the doctor should be followed and attention must be paid to nutrition.

-It should be made sure that the hair loss process is complete before hair transplant.

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