Can women also have hair transplantation?

As with men, women with hair loss problems can also treat this problem with hair transplant treatment. Compared to men who also have this problem, hair loss is a bigger problem for women.

Although hair loss is a problem for everyone, this causes an even bigger problem for a woman. While society more commonly accepts baldness in men the baldness in women is not considered aesthetically pleasing in today's society. Women experiencing hair loss seek solutions immediately due to reasons like that. Hair transplant is one of the major sought-after treatments for both men and women.

While the women who lose their hair only partials lose that, there are also events of total hair loss in women due to accidents, burns, or diseases. Due to reasons such as these the women who experience hair loss tries to obtain information regarding can women do hair transplants? by searching that on the internet. In this article, we will try to provide information on this subject.

What is hair transplantation in women?

Hair transplantation in women, just like hair transplantation for men, is done by plucking hair follicles between two ears on the back of the head and transplanting those to hair loss areas. For a woman to have a hair transplant she should have some hair left. In hair transplantation, the woman's own hair is used.

Women who have lost all their hair should try to find a different way instead of having a hair transplant.

Is hair transplantation for women different from hair transplantation for men?

Hair transplantation for women and hair transplantation for men are done in the same way and with the same method. Yet there is a difference in hair transplants for women. The hair transplant for women can be done without shaving. In other words, the woman can have an unshaven hair transplant.

Is hair transplant recommended for women?

Like men with hair loss, women can also have a hair transplant. Whether the hair transplant area is narrow or wide as long as it can be covered by hair follicle to be plucked from the nape, the best way to treat hair loss is hair transplant.

Hair transplantation is not recommended for women who have lost all or a large part of their hair. Since the hair taken from any area cannot fill the balding area completely, women with such hair are recommended to find other solutions for their hair.

How is hair transplantation performed in women?

Hair transplantation stages in women take place as follows.

1- Women should make an appointment with a hair transplant center or hospital before a hair transplant. After the decision of hair transplant and finding a proper hair transplant center, the said hair transplant center should be interviewed. If the hair transplant center is in the same city as you are, it is good to obtain information about hair transplants by having a pre-interview. If you are living in another city, you should send the picture of your head from the front, rear, sides, and top and send it to the hair transplant center to obtain information about hair transplant. After that, the hair transplant appointment should be made.

2- On the day of the hair transplant appointment, it is necessary to go to the hair transplant center and have health tests and examinations. After the health examinations, there will be health tests such as blood tests to reveal any disease or sickness that could prevent hair transplant. If there is no obstacle, the patient's approval contract is signed and the hair transplant operation may be conducted.

3-In hair transplantation, if the hair transplant will be applied to the forehead, the forehead line is determined. Hair transplant operation is done per a specific plan. As the transplant will be done according to this plan, a pre-line is drawn by a pencil to determine the line of the transplanted hair on the forehead if the transplant is to be done at the front. If the transplant process is to be done to a different area that area shall be subject to the same application.

4- Hair transplant in women can be done both shaved and unshaved. In normal hair transplantation, the hair is cut with the machine as short as possible before hair transplantation. Here, the aim of cutting the hair short is for the doctors to work more comfortably.

5- The fifth stage in the hair transplant is the operation of sedating the hair follicle plucking area with local anesthesia. After the surgical clothes are worn, the surgery starts. At this stage, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area where the hair follicles are to be taken. Small needles are used in local anesthesia. An average of 10-15 needles is applied to the donor area. Thanks to the needles applied, the skin is both swells and feels numb.

6-At this stage in hair transplantation, hair follicles are plucked from the anesthetized area. 15 or 20 minutes after local anesthesia, hair follicles are taken from the donor area with the help of a micromotor. This stage is completed when the number of hair follicles taken reaches the previously determined number. While there is no pain at the plucking of the hair follicles, immense bleeding could be experienced in that area. The hair follicles taken are stored with a special method. The roots are also placed in a certain order to make transplants easier.

7-At this stage, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the hair transplantation will be performed. The transplantation area is anesthetized by using 10 or 15 needles. After waiting for a while for numbness, the channel opening phase begins.

8-At this stage, channels where the hair follicles will be placed are opened with the help of a micromotor. This process needs to be done by an expert as improper channel direction will result in badly growing hair.

9-At this stage, hair follicles are transplanted. The transplant doctor or expert places the hair follicles to channels opened, one by one. These works are commonly done by two people, working simultaneously.

10- At this stage, as the area where the hair follicles taken for hair transplantation will continue to bleed, the area is bandaged to protect the area against infections.

11-Since the first wash that needs to be done two days after the hair transplantation requires sensitivity, the washing must be done in the hair transplantation center. In this very sensitive process, a special cream is applied to the skin before washing to soften the dried blood and crusts on the scalp. The first wash is done after the scalp softens.
Is there any alternative solution other than hair transplantation for women?

The women with too large of a balding area or the ones with extremely thin hair as a result of hair loss may use prosthetic hair. Since prosthetic hair is a different solution than the hair transplant, the hairs could be kept dense and thick as wished. Prosthetic hair can be used in the desired colors.

The use of prosthetic hair may not be suitable for every woman. The use of prosthetic hair is expensive and the hair is hard to manage.

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