ISO 9001 QMS

An ISO 9001 QMS supports the goals of an organization by documenting the processes, procedures and responsibilities in order to comply with the quality policy and achieve the objectives

ISO 18001

ISO (OHSAS) 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System; this is a management model that provides for systematic monitoring of practices that may affect the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

ISO 9001

The Integrated Management System is a quality management system that ensures compliance with ISO 9001 2008, ISO 14001 2004 and ISO 18001 2007 standards. ISO 9001 2008: Quality management system focused on customer focus and continuous improvement

ISO 14001

ISO 14001: This is an internationally accepted standard that provides companies with the necessary structure to manage the potential environmental impacts of the activities they carry out.

Accreditatie byJoint Commission International.

JCI is an organization that works with healthcare organizations


European Association of Tissue Banks/Stem Cell Production Our tissue bank is a member of the European Tissue Banks Association, which includes all European tissue banks. In addition, it is also the only tissue bank in Turkey with all the necessary certificates.

QHA Trent

QHA Trent is an independent institution, based in England, that takes a holistic view of the health system and emphasizes evidence-based practices.


A TÜV quality mark is confirmation that you supply a product or service that meets quality requirements, is safe and/or environmentally responsible. Quality labels, safety labels and environmental labels are therefore the most common forms.

The Dutch Hair Foundation

The Nederlandse Haarstichting is an ANBI-registered non-profit charitable foundation. The Hair Foundation is the central medium for everything related to “hair”. The Haarstichting is currently the most visited charity foundation in the Netherlands. 


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