When will my hair grow?

When will my hair grow after a hair transplant? or Will my hair really grow? are among the most asked questions for the hair transplant treatment for hair loss. While the hair transplant is the hope of people with hair loss for years, half of the people still do not believe in the hair transplant. In this article, we will explain when will your hair start to grow.

Timeline of the hair after hair transplant.

After the hair transplant procedure, the hair left to rest on the second day. On the third day, the transplanted hair is washed and the areas where the follicle was plucked are bandaged. Medications, creams, and shampoos that are given by the hair transplant center where the hair transplant operation is made will be used between the second and the tenth day.

On the tenth day, controls might be requested by visiting the hair transplant center. It is normal for the crusting on the hair transplant area to last up to 15 days.

Since the growth of the new hair starts on the day of hair transplant, it takes a month for newly transplanted hair to regenerate. Towards the end of the first month, hair starts to shed by leaving its follicles under the skin. This is no cause to be afraid. This process is a natural process of hair transplantation.

The transplanted hair sheds slowly within 3 months. Within that 3 months, it might look like the transplant has never happened. This process might take a shorter time for some people.

After that, the hair-producing cells from the transplanted hair start their incubation period.

Since the incubation period is one of the most important processes, vitamins beneficial to hair might be used in this term. Also, if possible, a PRP application can be done.

The incubation period ends in the 4th month of the hair transplantation phase. While the transplanted hair starts to grow this month, the existing hair grows even more. Those new hairs could be thin and weak like a baby's hair. It will take time for the hairs to grow stronger.

4th to 6th month is the most intense period for the transplanted hair growth. Hair grows every day in this period and by the end of the 6th month, 60 percent of the transplanted hair will be grown.

The rest of these will grow between the 6th and 12th months. In the 12th month, when the transplanted hair completes its first year, 90 percent of the transplanted hair will be grown.

The process does not end in the first year. Since some hair follicles have two or three follicles, while the growth of the first roots is completed in the first year. The development of other roots continues. In addition, thickening and adaptation of the growing hair continue in the 2nd year. PRP treatment is recommended by experts in the second year of hair transplantation.

Is the growth of implanted hair guaranteed?

There is no full guarantee that the hair will grow out of the transplanted follicles. This process should be followed to ensure the best completion of the hair transplant process.

What affects the growth of the transplanted hair?

Transplanted hair grows for the following reasons.

- If the hair follicle is taken from the donor area without damaging the follicle, and regularly cared for during and after transplantation, that hair will live and grow.

Hair follicles taken from the donor area should be plucked with care. If the roots are damaged while being plucked, those transplanted hair follicles will not grow.

- Since the time of the plucking from the donor area is very important for the transplanted hair, the plucking must be done in a short time and transplantation must be done quickly. Otherwise, hair follicles may die.

-Since hair transplant that is not in the direction of the natural hair, or mixed hair transplant might interfere with each other these could damage the hair while transplanting.

- Since the experience of the hair transplant staff and the harmony of the team are important, incompatibility during hair transplantation creates a problem. These problems can also cause hair transplantation to be made in the wrong direction.

-It is important to follow the recommendations of hair transplant coordinators who will provide the deliberative and correct guidance.

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