What is PRP? How it is performed?

The PRP treatment which is performed both before or after skin and hair transplant is trending because of its efficient and quick results. This technique is performed before or after a hair transplant and is independent of the hair transplant operation.

What is PRP?

PRP is an acronym for Platelet-rich plasma. In this treatment technique, the special blood derived from a person's own blood received this name because it is rich in platelets.

As it is not a gender-specific treatment, the men or women who have hair loss problems can have PRP treatment regardless of their age.

What is PRP hair treatment?

It is a treatment method that is applied to hairs to stop hair loss of men and women, to restore the volume of the hair, or to grow a new hair out of the hair transplanted scalp.

How is PRP treatment performed?

Hair treatment with PRP is simple and does not take long to perform. This method does not require operating room conditions or even anesthesia application. For patients who are sensitive to needle pain, local anesthesia can be performed.

Where should PRP treatment be performed?

PRP hair treatment must be performed in transplant centers or similar health institutions. PRP hair treatment should not be done in backstreet institutions or by unknown people.

How is the application process of the PRP hair treatment?

The steps of the PRP hair treatment as follows.

1- Hair is examined and necessary inspections are done in the first stage. For the PRP process to work, hairs' needs must be understood. As the unnecessary PRP treatment will cause time and money loss, this treatment should be done before the total loss of hair. It is almost impossible to get results from a PRP treatment done after total hair loss.

2- At this stage, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient.

3- At this stage, the blood taken from the patients undergoes special treatment by special devices in the laboratory. The device is run after placing the patient's blood in the special sections of the centrifuge device. The blood is divided between red and blue by rotating at high speeds. White blood (Platelet-rich plasma) is obtained after this process of 20 minutes.

4- In this stage, anesthesia is applied to the patients and their scalp is sedated. This stage is not applied to all patients, it is for those patients who fear needles or have a low pain threshold. Pain is lessened by anesthesia provided with anesthetic creams.

5- At the last stage the mixture obtained with special treatments is injected into the scalp. Multi-pointed needles are used in the injection operation. The obtained mixture is injected into the scalp by using these needles. There is no great pain in this injection procedure. After the entire mixture is injected into the scalp, the PRP process is completed.

How many sessions does PRP hair treatment take?

PRP hair treatment is usually completed in 4 sessions. There are 1-month intervals between each session. According to the doctor's decision, the interval between sessions can be reduced to 3 weeks.

How long the PRP hair treatment takes?

It takes 3 months to complete the PRP hair treatment. In other words, this treatment is carried out in four sessions with one-month intervals.

Does the PRP hair treatment can only be performed once in a lifetime?

Since PRP treatment loses its effect after 1 year, you should have this treatment applied again every year. If you want to protect hair health with PRP treatment, it is necessary to apply this treatment method every year.

What are the benefits of PRP therapy?

PRP treatment provides great benefits for both skin and hair.

The benefits of the PRP treatment for hair are as follows.

1- PRP treatment makes the existing hair on our heads resistant to hair loss.

2-PRP treatment stops hair loss, if any, on our heads.

3- PRP treatment adds volume to the hair strands on the scalp which had become thinner over time.

4- PRP treatment allows new hair to grow on the scalp where the hair has thinned yet has not completely lost its vitality.

5- When PRP treatment is applied after hair transplantation, it ensures that the transplanted hair grows healthier.

6- PRP treatment restores vitality to hair that has been damaged by various factors.

7- PRP treatment contributes to the growth of new hair after hair loss caused by ringworm.

8- PRP treatment strengthens hair follicles.

What are the side effects or harms of PRP therapy?

To this day, no significant side effects were observed on PRP treatment. Since the blood of the person is used in the PRP treatment, the possibility of allergic reactions is also eliminated. However, as with any treatment method, there are some minor side effects in PRP treatment.

The side effects of PRP treatment are as follows.

1-PRP treatment may cause rashes on the scalp as the patients are exposed to many needles.

2- After PRP treatment, itching may occur in the scalp of some patients.

3- Even if it is rare, swelling may occur in the scalp or forehead area after PRP treatment.

Who should receive PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair treatment can be applied to anyone who has hair problems. However, the person to be treated with PRP hair treatment should not have any health problems.

PRP hair treatment may be applied to the following people.

1-People with hair loss,

2-People who want to protect their existing hair,

3-People who had a hair transplant,

4-People who have problems such as splitting or thinning hair,

5-People who have localized hair thinning problem,

6-People who had ringworm disease.

Who cannot receive PRP hair treatment?

PRP hair treatment cannot be applied to every person.

The situations that prevent PRP hair treatment are as follows.

1-PRP treatment cannot be applied to a pregnant individual.

2- PRP treatment cannot be applied to a breastfeeding individual.

3- PRP treatment cannot be applied to an individual with skin problems.

4- PRP treatment cannot be applied to individuals with cancer.

5- PRP treatment cannot be applied to people with cardiac insufficiency problems.

When to apply PRP?

There is no specific time for PRP treatment. Recommended PRP candidates can start their treatment whenever they feel good and ready.

When does PRP treatment start showing its effects?

A little patience is required to see the first effects of PRP hair treatment. After the first session of PRP hair treatment (after a month) some positive effects are seen, but since these are not visible effects, all sessions must be completed for visible effects. In 3 or 4 months, positive improvements in hair may begin to appear, but it is necessary to wait for a period of 6 or 8 months to see its full effect.

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